Safely Clean and Deodorize Your Most Treasured Furniture

Your furniture looks, smells, and feels new due to our steam cleaning system.

Most fabrics can be cleaned with water. Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and very hot water your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. In just a matter of hours the furniture is dry.

Restore delicate fabrics with our upholstery dry cleaning service.

As no water is used in this process, virtually any fabric can be cleaned without shrinkage. Using specially formulated upholstery dry cleaning agents, spots and stains are lifted and the fabric dries evenly, leaving your furniture clean and fresh.

We Inspect Each Item with You to Ensure Great Results

We always invite you to review each furnishing with us before we start, pointing out any upholstery stains or problem areas. We will explain the cleaning process and answer any questions you might have about getting the best results.

Work Area Protection

Each piece of furniture is moved to a protective tarp to contain cleaning solutions and soils during the cleaning process.

Upholstery Pre-Treatment

All of the fabric on your furniture is treated with one of our specialized cleaners. We have a toolbox full of stain removers to tackle the different stains found on upholstery.

The Cleaning

An upholstery tool sprays ultra hod water into the fabric. It immediately pulls it back out along with the cleaning solution and suspended dirt and stains. This tool is attached to hoses that run out of your home into our trucks water waste tank. The high powered vacuum on our truck mounted system pulls out much of the moisture from the furniture leaving it ready for use shortly. Dry cleaning is much the same process, but without the H2O.

Optional Application of Upholstery Protector

For easier cleanups and protection against spills and stains, we recommend the use of CleanCraft Ultré Guard Upholstery Protectant. Ultré Guard eliminates unnecessary cleaning and keeps your furniture looking newer, longer. Specially developed for protecting delicate upholstery, Ultré Guard forms a barrier surrounding the fabric fibers, preventing spills and soils from being absorbed by the upholstery and forming stains and spots.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Review

We Want to Know How You Feel We Did!

Your satisfaction is our goal and your appraisal of our services helps us to provide the best possible service. When done we will invite you to complete a short appraisal of our service to you. Although never required, we hope that you will let us know if we surpassed your expectations and anything we might do to serve you better.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the results on any piece of furniture, we'll come back out and clean it again, FREE!